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Why Use TurboScout

What is TurboScout?

TurboScout is a search tool that saves you time and makes your Web searches easy. With TurboScout you only enter keywords once, then getting and comparing original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories is as simple as clicking the engine’s name. No more retyping keywords into different search engines.

Why Use TurboScout?

  1. Never need to retype your search keywords to search in different search engines
  2. No need to remember/type the Web site addresses of different search engines
  3. Find all the most popular search engines in one convenient Web site

Try a search or two on TurboScout, and experience the benefits yourself.

Other Benefits

Customized homepage
Using TurboScout’s customize feature, you can easily set up a homepage with quick access to all search engines and your favorite Web site on the same page.

No security concerns
Because there’s no toolbar to download/install, you’ll not expose yourself to toolbar-related spy-ware/ad-ware/security concerns, nor would you ever need to deal with toolbar software patches/upgrades.

Original results
TurboScout gives you quick access to the original results directly from each search engines instead of compiled results across the search engines.


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