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Founder - William Chee

Born in 1984 and raised in Singapore, a small island country in Asia, I've always taken a keen interest in technology.

I've attended The Chinese High School for 4 years, and Hwa Chong Junior College for 2 years. I'll be proceeding to pursue a bachelor degree program under Nanyang Scholarship in Nanyang Technological University in a couple of months.

Grown out of a frustration of having to type the URLs and search keywords repeatedly for different search engines, I created a start page to make Web searching convenient and fast for my own use in Jun 2004.

Then I shared it with a few friends who loved it and wanted to tell their friends about it.

Thus the birth of in Nov 2004.

I've created TurboScout to help me save time by accessing all search engines without retyping. I hope you'll find it useful too.


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